Pepsi Classic

Fencebrokers/Illustrated Sportswear won this great USSSA Conference NIT. The boys from Arkansas became the first Class A team to beat T&R Stucco/Elite/Worth in a long longtime. The Fenceboys also beat Wood Law, another good Class A team who have been playing very well in 2009. I was told the Fencebrokers played extremely well in this one and definitely deserved to win this Conference NIT. I have said all along that if you put ten of the best A teams in a tournament I’m not sure which one of the ten would win that tournament, it’s that close. I know this for sure, it is where bigtime softball should be. The hand writing is on the wall. It’s time to break it up and have 16 very good open teams, just my opinion. Congratulations to Fencebrokers on your great win and good luck the rest of your season.

Wood Law got the runner-up spot in this one. This bunch also beat the T&R Stucco boys this weekend. I have said from the start of the season that Wood Law was a very good Class A team, and they have proved me right. This team has some very good players that can flat-out play the game and are getting it done. Congratulations on your weekend and good luck the rest of the way.

T&R Stucco/Elite/Worth finally got stopped by teams other than the three supers. I can tell you this bunch has played extremely well all season, but did not get it done this past weekend. I know for sure it was a very good run for this team. Make no mistake they will be there in the end. Congratulations on your weekend and good luck at the Smoky.

Sports Center from Mississippi and my good friend Bubba Tatum finished in fourth place in this very prestigious tournament. This little old C team played awfully good the whole weekend against some pretty darn good A teams and competed very good. I know this for sure, any team ran by Bubba will be in the hunt, I guarantee you. He’s been there and done that for a lot of years. Congratulations on your weekend and I hope to see you guys somewhere down the road. Good luck guys.

I would like to commend Clint and Marla on another tremendous Pepsi Classic. You two are first class people who have done a great job over the years for the best softball teams and players in the world to be able to come and play in your prestigious Little Rock tournament. Good luck in your future. Your friend Gordie

Next week’s tournament the Greatest of them all the Mighty Smoky!! Good luck to all the teams.