Randy Lewis Benefit Tournament

This past weekend a benefit Softball Tournament was held at Rumpke Field in Cincinnati for Randy Lewis, a long time softball player who has played for Dave Watanabe for quite a few years.  Randy has kidney failure and is on dialysis treatment.  Twelve teams entered into this benefit tournament to help raise money for Randy’s treatments and medical costs.  They also had an auction to raise more money for the cause.  They raised about $10,000 for the event.  Jerry Backman donated $5.00 per run for every run scored in the tournament,  which came to  $1,200. Jerry Backman, who sponsors Bauser’s boys consists of players from K&G and Reece’s/Roosters who won the tournament. They had to beat Perkins/Watanabe in the “if” game.  More important than winning was the fact that all the players and fans contributed to this great event, by giving of themselves for Randy’s benefit.  These are some of the things that people don’t  see when players and sponsors give from their hearts  for the great family of softball. I would like to commend all the players and sponsors for putting on this benefit tournament.  I was in Cincinnati this past weekend for meetings and was happy I was able to attend the  tournament  myself.  I would like to say this is a part of the game that makes it the greatest amateur sport in the world.  Great job boys!!!