Reece’s/Roosters/Easton they will be an excellent AA team. With the roster I’m looking at they’ll be giving all the AA teams all they want all season long. With experienced players like Rob Schleede, Billy Byrd, Twinkie Jones, Dennis Pierce, Chris Lashley, and veteran David Crawley along with the rest of their good players, I look for this team to be in the hunt every weekend. When you take players like this and put them on the field with a guy like Cobbie Harrison calling the shots, I can’t help but think this ball club will have a great chance of winning some championships and also making it to any of the Super Worlds they choose to get in. This ball club will have strong defense, good hitting, good power and also a very good pitcher in Ricky Jackson. I want to wish this team good luck in the 2001 season. I’ll be seeing you down the road.