San Diego Major NIT

Bell Corp/Belcher/TIA/Backman wins it’s second NIT of the season by rolling through the first conference NIT in San Diego. “The Chimers” just tore the cover off the ball. Bell put up some very strong numbers in this one. The Bell boys had a new addition to their lineup this weekend, veteran Jeff Hall. I know this, Hall will bring the much needed offense to this team. I am not sure how Gary will set his lineup defensively when everybody is healthy. Cocco, Helmer, Hall and Fulk will have to play somewhere, along with Wegman, Kirby & Joerling. It should be interesting. Bell who has won two times this season when all the better teams are not entered. “The Chimers” will have to catch it much better when the other teams are entered if they expect to win. I believe this is a very solid offensive team, but will need to come up with a pitcher and shortstop or middle infielder to beat the better teams, we will see. Congratulations on winning this one and good luck on winning the Little Rock and the Smoky.

Second place went to KME/TRIQ Nightclub/Chaney/Easton. I can tell you that this team will be very competitive in the Class A Worlds. This is a very experienced bunch of players that know how to get it done. This club has great D and also can hit it pretty good. KME is always in the thick of things in most tournaments. Congratulations on a very good weekend and good luck down the road.

Third place went to WCS/LCV, whom I don’t know much about. I believe this is a Class B or C team, I’m not sure. I know this they must of played pretty good to finish in third place. Congratulations on a good finish and good luck in whatever you do the rest of the way.

Fourth place goes to GTL/Combat. This team has played in a few of the conference NIT’s and will probably play in both the Class A and Class B Worlds. Congratulations on a good finish and good luck.

I would like to commend the San Diego USSSA staff on getting this one off. I believe this NIT will get much better as it grows. Good luck guys. Thanks again Jim for posting the scores. You are the best.