Space City Classic

The USSSA Conference NIT at League City, Texas was the setting for the Resmondo Softball team to make it four out of four in 2007. Resmondo now sports a 22-1 record for the season. “The Sod Boys” will now head to Minnesota this coming weekend for “The Mighty Dudley, where a Travis Resmondo sponsored team has never won. The Dudley is the only big NIT that Travis needs to win to accomplish everything there is in softball over the years. Travis’s teams have won World Championships at Class D, C, B,A ,AA ,Super, the Smoky and all other association Super Worlds. We will find out this weekend, that’s for sure. “The Sod Boys” just rolled through this week’s tournament. Resmondo has played 23 games in 2007 and have run ruled 19 of them. I have said that they might not lose more than 5 or 6 games in 2007. I know for sure this powerful machine has 5 NIT’s left, the Conference Championship plus the grand daddy of them all, the USSSA Worlds at Wide World of Sports in September. We shall find out what happens the rest of the way. Resmondo was led by MVP Scott Striebel and the rest of the Resmondo team. Congratulations on another win and good luck the rest of the way.

Second place went to Fence Brokers/Worth out of Arkansas, who just continues to play very good ball every weekend. This is a very experienced team who knows how to win games. I will tell you all, watch out for this bunch in the Class A Worlds. They may surprise a whole lot of people. This team has some veteran players who can play the game, along with some very good young players. Congratulations on a great weekend, and we’ll see you all at the Dudley.

Third place went to a team who has had a whole lot of players on their roster this season. I know it took awhile, but this team finally had a good weekend to get third place in this one. Extreme Fitness/Combat played exceptionally well this weekend, and deserved to finish up. Make no mistake this team has some good players and will get better as the season goes on. I’m looking for this bunch to be a tough team in the Class A Worlds. Congratulations to Scott and the whole gang on a very good weekend. Good luck down the road.

Fourth place goes to Suncoast/Reebock who has picked up a few players since the start of the season and have definitely gotten better. I know this for sure, Lee and Troy will keep looking for players to improve this team. Great job in this one and keep up the good work.

Congratulations to the Texas USSSA staff in putting this one together. Pretty good turnout, and I’m sure it will get better each year. I believe the Houston area is a great place to hold a softball tournament. Good luck in the future..