Space City Classic

Resmondo/Specialty Tank/Worth wins this Texas NIT and runs their season tournament record to 5-1 in 2008. The sod boys have had to win three of the five by double-dipping their opponents. . I have written in an earlier report no team has won more tournaments by double-dipping than Resmondo. Resmondo was upset by T&R Stucco early in this one, but came charging out of the losers bracket to double-dip Jean Shoppe/Easton. The sod boys now will set sail for the mighty Dudley this coming weekend to meet up with Dan Smith. I’m here to tell you all the winner in this one will be the #1 team in the country when it’s over. I know this for sure, the Dudley is one of the top two NIT’s played each season, and it doesn’t get any better than this if Resmondo & Smith settle the #1 spot in bigtime softball. Congratulations to Resmondo on winning this one and good luck at the Dudley.

Jean Shoppe/Easton the #1 Class A team in the world did what it’s supposed to do, beat the teams it should to get second place. The Shoppe boys lost to the team it should lose to Resmondo. Shoppe did not go easy, as they battled Resmondo in the “if” game and came up a little short. Make no mistake softball fans, this team is very competitive against Resmondo, Smith and Long Haul, the three super teams in the country. Congratulations on a very good weekend and good luck at the Dudley.

T&R Stucco/Worth who finished third this weekend has been playing very good this season, that’s for sure. The win over Resmondo will be the highlight of the season for Troy and his guys. I would have put T&R in the top 15 sometime ago if they would of sent their roster. I’ve got their roster now and they will be in the top 15 this week. Congratulations on a great weekend and good luck at the Dudley.

Street Stars, a Mississippi team made a great effort finishing fourth in this major NIT. I have said before it’s good to see teams like this play good in these major tournaments. Congratulations on your weekend and good luck the rest of the season. Next week’s USSSA NIT the Mighty Dudley.