Texas Legends NIT

Resmondo Softball wins their second Conference NIT of the season. “The Sod Boys” rolled through this 23 team field on route to the championship. Resmondo was led by MVP Don Dedonatis Jr. along with the rest of his teammates, as this powerful machine just keeps rolling along. I know this, softball people around the country are talking about Resmondo’s team, and well they should be as this is one very potent softball team. I said in an earlier report this is the best defensive team ever assembled in bigtime softball, and I am not alone on this one. I also know when you can start four shortstops in your infield, and three centerfielders in the outfield, have the best pitcher in the game and have one of the most potent hitters the game has ever seen, and add that all together you will probably come up with the best team to ever play. I know there are critics who think there were better teams out there, and you have a right to feel that way, but I have seen the best of the best throughout the years and I can’t find any teams who could play the game like this bunch has. Remember this is only my opinion. I will not allow any bashing or criticism for what I’ve written. I will look forward to people’s opinions on what they think about the Resmondo team. I believe this team will lose a few games over the season, but the question is how many? I say about 6, maybe 8, but who knows maybe less we shall see. Congratulations on your win and good luck down the road.

Fence brokers Inc/Worth out of Arkansas finished in second place in this one. I don’t think anybody thought this could happen with Bell Corp and Aubrey’s entered. I ranked this bunch fairly high early in the season, because I knew they had some very good players. They have since added a very good player named Will Watson to their roster, and he will be a big addition to this team. I knew that Aubrey’s, Team Combat and Jean Shoppe looked to be the top teams to beat after Resmondo & Bell. I’m here to tell you that Fence Brokers can play with those teams I mentioned. I am not sure if Bell is that good right now. I believe they will have to shore up their defense and certainly will have to get more offense out of some of their players, if they expect to win. The boys from Arkansas are for real and will be a force in Class A Worlds. Chris Walker and Rick Gosser have put together a very solid A team, and they will be reckoned with throughout the season. Congratulations on a great weekend and good luck the rest of the way.

Bell Corp/Belcher/Backman did not get it done in this one. I know they were missing Scooter and Baker this week, but that is no excuse. This team is much better than they have shown so far this season. I believe they will have to pick it up a lot or it’s going to be a very long season.

Illustrated Sports/Mizuno finished fourth and played exceptionally well in this one. This is a very good B team who probably belong in Class A. They have good defense and hit it pretty good. This Arkansas team proved they can play, you don’t beat some of the teams they did without good players. I am moving this bunch into the Top 15 this week, and let’s see how they play in their next tournament. Congratulations on a great weekend, and hope to see you down the road. The Legends NIT has proved once again, it is one of the very good USSSA Conference NIT’s. Great job running this one. Good luck in the future.