The Old Scout’s Tournament – Daytona Beach, FL

Aubrey’s/TPS, a very very good A team out of Savannah, Georgia won this tournament going 5-1 in this 7 team, 6 game round robin. They tied with Florida Heat/Nave Plumbing/Joe Blacks/Worth, but won their head to head game with Florida Heat. Aubrey’s has now made it two wins in a row in the winter tournaments. They look to me in fantastic form. They definitely will be contending in the A World’s this year. Young Brian Henderson can flat out play this game hands down. He has tremendous power as he blew out 2 homeruns against the wind and can play some great outfield. Aubrey’s also has a bunch of talented softball players who can play this game, both offensively and defensively. Congratulations to the whole Aubrey’s/TPS squad. Florida Heat is another great A team, and will also be a contender all season long. They have an outstanding offense and defense, and will have a chance to win in the A Worlds. Finishing third in this tournament was a pick-up team consisting of players like Hank Garris, Jason Kendricks, Jeff Wallace, Jeff Hall, Brett Helmer, Dan Houchin, Scott King, Bob Fischer, Bill Eurice, Doug Kissane and Dal Beggs. They just didn’t hit much in their first 3 games. They also played 5 games on the wind blown field. Finishing in fourth was Kar Phone/Sunnyvale/Easton. They had players such as; Larry Carter, Dan Schuck,Andy Purcell, Brad Stiles, Brian King, John Hellar, Derrick Williams, Dennis Rulli along with 3 other good players. Taking the fifth spot was a local team called Team Softball/Daytona. Sixth place went to Becks Beer out of Orlando, and seventh place went to Harrison Sports out of Maryland. I didn’t do any stats for this type of tournament. If any of the teams did do them, feel free to post them. I want to thank all the teams for participating in this experimental tournament. I appreciate all of you for coming here to Daytona Beach. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, because I certainly did. I’m getting some feedback from the tournament. Anybody who played this weekend or has any comments feel free to post on my message board your thoughts or click here –> [email protected] to e-mail me your comments.