The Thoroughbred

Aubrey’s MIT/Phonemasters/Elite Sports/Worth came charging out of the losers bracket to capture this NSA tournament. The Aubrey boys had to do it the hard way by double dipping a very good team called The Scene/Mattingly Softball. Aubrey’s showed why they are one of the best A teams in the country in this one. I believe that this team has not played to it’s potential yet. I think this is a much better team than it has shown so far. I know this for sure, if they play like they’re supposed to they will be very hard to beat in Class A, we will see. Great job in this one and good luck the rest of the way.

Second place went to the Scene/Mattingly Softball. I believe this is another A/B team caught in the middle. They will beat the lower A teams pretty consistently, but will come up short against the better A teams. I will tell you, don’t take this bunch lightly or you will lose, I guarantee you. Great job boys and I hope to see you down the road.

Third place went to BW3, a very good B team. This team has some very good players. They can catch it and hit it pretty good. This will be a very good B team in the Class B Worlds. Congratulations on a good weekend.

Fourth place goes to Spitz Seed/Mizuno. This team fits right in with a whole lot of other teams caught in the middle between a Class A team or B team. This team has played very good in these Major NIT’s. This bunch is getting very close to cracking the Top 15. Congratulations on a great weekend.

The Thoroughbred has been one of the very good tournaments in the country for years. I believe this would of been a great tournament if Aubrey’s did not play. I know this, with Aubrey’s out of it anyone of six or seven other teams would of had a chance to win, but I also agree it was still a good tournament.