The three powers of softball Long Haul/Taylor Bros/Shen Corp/TPS, Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Easton, Hague/Resmondo/TPS and two very good AA teams

There were 225 homeruns hit in this tournament, On Sunday morning

Here is a little scenario of how this show went;

Dan Smith was led by MVP Dewayne Nevitt, who had an .800 O/B% i

As I’ve said before and will say again “This is a beautiful place to play Big Time Softball with those big fields with stadium play. The only thing that could of made it any better would of been to have the bases backed up at least 10 more feet.
Great Job!!!

All Tournament Team:

Long Haul/Taylor Bros/Shen Corps: Hank Garris, John Mello

Maroadi’s/Transfer/Frank-n-stein/Nike: Butch Smith, Jim Burbrink, Brian Arnold, Steve Dickinson

Hague/Resmondo/TPS: Britt Hightower, Paul Brannon, Randy Kortokrax, DeMond
Albert Davis

Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Easton: Dewayne Nevitt, Dennis Rulli, Dal Beggs, Greg Harding,
Dan Schuck, Todd Joerling

Defensive Player: Britt Hightower

MVP: Dewayne Nevitt

1. Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Easton
2. Hague/Resmondo/TPS
3. Maroadi’s/Transfer/Frank-n-stien/Nike
4. Long Haul/Taylor Bros/Shen Corps/TPS