USSSA A Worlds

I sure wish I could of been at the Class A Worlds, but right now I’m not healthy enough to travel and spend 16 hrs. a day watching the game I love. GTL/Cartel/Stucco/Worth finally put it all together and won this terrific Class A Worlds. I thought early on in the season that this team would be at the top of Class A, but that didn’t happen. The Stucco boys had a hard time winning during the conference season. This past weekend was post season time and Doug Reed and his gang won the Class A Worlds. Doug has now made it #3 Class A Worlds in his career as a Class A sponsor. I was not there, but my eyes and ears covering this world was one of my good softball buddy’s from Columbus Ohio, the round man Cheese. I can tell you all, this man knows bigtime softball and is one of the most knowledgeable guys in the game I know. I want to thank Cheese for keeping me abreast of what happened at this year’s Class A Worlds. Cheese also has been keeping me informed on a lot of the NIT’s played all season long. I feel like I’m there when Cheese is there and giving me all the information. I thought all along that GTL would be heard about this season. Cheese & I talked on Thursday about who we thought would win. Cheese liked T&R, GTL & Jean Shoppe, so did I. Cheese also told me at the end of the conversation, watch out GTL might win it all, and they did. I knew this team had a lot of talent. They just did not get it done during the season, but sure got it done when it counted. Congratulations on your win and good luck at the Conference Championship and the USSSA Worlds.

Jean Shoppe/Chaney/Easton is a lot like GTL. They did not play up to their potential this season. This team was a lot better than they played in conference play. The Shoppe boys got beat early in this one, but got it back together the rest of the tournament and got the runner-up spot. Make no mistake, this is absolutely a very good team who just ran out of gas at the end. Congratulations on your season, the Class A Worlds and good luck in the Conference Championship and at the USSSA Worlds.

T&R Stucco/Bass/Worth, the best Class A team in conference play this season came up a little short in this post season tournament and finished in 3rd. place. This bunch has nothing to hang their heads for, as they had a great season. I know they made some changes for the worlds, but sometimes that is not the answer, who knows. Congratulations on your season and the Class A Worlds and good luck in the Conference Championship and the USSSA Worlds.

Combat/USA showed why they belong in the top ten as this team had a very good season in conference play and the Class A Worlds. You guys deserve a lot of credit for the hard work and play you showed all season. Congratulations on your season and the Class A Worlds and good luck in the Conference Championship and USSSA Worlds.

Congratulations to Don Sr. and his USSSA staff on another great Class A World. Don you must feel great about having a Class A World as great as this one was. The teams and your staff should be very proud to play at Disney’s Wide World of Sports. There’s no better place than there, First Class all the way!! I would also like to wish all the teams who will participate in your Conference Championship and USSSA Worlds. Good luck to all. I also would like to wish Rick Robertson a speedy recovery. Get well soon Rick, you are a class act and a great guy.