USSSA NIT Cincinnati, OH

Mountain Top/TPS continues to dominate on 300′ fields. The Toppers rolled through this NIT to the Championship. The TPS boys have made it four wins in USSSA NIT’s on 300′ fields. This team has proved to be one of the “Best Class A” teams in a long time. This ball club has everything you would want at this level. They have great defense, excellent base hitters and enough pop to keep you honest. The real fact is they have players on that team that know how to win. John Recor has built a very good softball team, along with Dennis Chumley this bunch has a lot of class, when they win and when they lose. As John Mellow once said to me ” all players should learn that you win with class and you lose with class, and the rest will take care of itself”. Good luck to the TPS boys the rest of the way. Second place went to US Vinyl/Miken, who you have to give a lot of credit for doing as good a job as they did, simply because they are a Major team playing on 300′ fields, swinging a different bat because they can’t use their own, certainly makes it that much harder to win in these conditions. This bunch can hit with any team, and have proven that throughout the season, having won a lot of games on the circuit this year. This team has got better as the year has gone on, especially on defense. I also know they are trying to add one more good defensive player who can also hit. This team will be a force when they can use their bat in unlimited homerun tournaments. Good job Ray and the gang in this one. Third place went to Northwest Pipe/Easton, who are a very solid Class A team. I will tell you now, this team will be a contender in the Class A Worlds, and could upset any team in the Major Worlds. Larry Q has done a good job putting this bunch together and I’m sure he will have his boys ready for the Worlds. Good job boys and good luck the rest of the year. Fourth place goes to Doc’s/Easton. This team is playing very well now and also will be a tough team to compete against in the Class A Worlds. This team can win against the big boys also at any time. They have the talent to do just that. I look for this team to win a World or two in their class. They might upset one of the big boys in the Super Worlds. I did not make this tournament this weekend, but I would of liked to because it is one hell of a nice place to watch a softball tournament and Jim Wessel does a great job hosting this tournament. I have been there before. I’m sure all the teams enjoyed the weekend at Jim’s park.