West Coast Classic NIT

Jean Shoppe/Team Easton wins the opening USSSA Conference NIT in Phoenix, Arizona. The Shoppe boys prove that they will be a force in Class A this season. This Conference NIT had three of the top ten teams in the country entered. Shoppe, GTL & Laser Vision and a few good B teams from the west coast. Team Cenco finished in third place and Cane Softball got fourth. Jean Shoppe made a few changes for the 2008 season adding Dirty Sanchez to do the pitching. I do believe that the Shoppe boys will get a good test in a couple of weeks when they travel to Glen Burnie and meet up with one of the monsters Dan Smith. It should be interesting. I also know there will be some of the better A teams in Glen Burnie that weekend too. The disappointment in this tournament this weekend was Laser Vision/Miken who did not play very well in this one. Laser Vision after this weekend will no longer have the Scene as one of their sponsors. The team will be known as Laser Vision/ Miken only. I know one thing for sure this team has much better talent than it showed this weekend and maybe will get it together when they travel to Glen Burnie, we will see. Congratulations to Team Cenco on a very good tournament and good luck down the road. Congratulations also to Cane’s Softball, who played very good in this one. Congratulations to Jean Shoppe on a very good first NIT. I am sure there will be more wins down the road. I would like to wish every team who participated in this first Phoenix NIT and good luck the rest of the way.