Worth TYJA Shootout

Jean Shoppe/Chaney/Easton won this Conference NIT played in Connecticut this past weekend. The Shoppe boys did not have too much competition in this one. The tournament was made up of a lot of class B, C & D teams.

I can tell you all if these teams don’t come then there’s no NIT period. I know that there are people who will criticize this tournament, but I can tell you it is impossible for all the good teams to play much more than 6 or 7 NIT’s and a couple of world tournaments. It’s just too expensive. I have said over the years that it would make more sense to have less NIT’s, align the tournaments up in central areas across the country so that teams could get cheaper flights, and then the teams from surrounding states and locals could drive. The competition would be much better with 8 or 10 of the good teams and 6 or 8 of the other teams, but who knows. The Shoppe boys had a couple of games that were close, but not any real competition. Congratulations to Shoppe on their win and good luck down the road.

Dark Side/TYJA Sports finished in the runner-up spot in this one. I really don’t know much about them or the fourth place finisher TRI/State/Apex. The Scene finished in third place. Good luck to all the rest of the way.

Congratulations to all the rest of the teams who participated in this NIT. I would like to commend John and the Connecticut USSSA staff on your NIT.