2002 ASA Super Beaumont, TX

Budweiser/Summerlin/Worth wins the ASA Super Qualifier. The “Bud boys” are starting to heat up as they capture the Championship in Beaumont this weekend. Bud was led by MVP Kevin Johnson, a very talented young shortstop out of Texas. He can flat-out play this game. Kevin is getting better and better every weekend and is proving to be one of the very best. Bud got a scare from Meridian early on in this tournament but squeaked out a one run win on route to the Championship. Doc’s/Mizuno finished in 2nd. place as Sterling Ibrom and the boys played extremely well all weekend. Doc’s is beginning to put it together and this bunch is looking to get it going and try to win another National Championship just like they have in the past few years playing under other sponsorships. Third place went to Top Dog/Sports11.com and fourth went to Medic-Aide. I would like to congratulate Frank Neal on a great effort in running this tournament! for the first time in Beaumont and I’m sure this will be a successful tournament in the future.