2002 PIF

I was invited to attend the “Pif” press conference Monday in Sherbrooke, Quebec Canada and was so impressed with what I saw there. John Daniels had attended the first press conference and had me go to this one. First of all there were close to 80 people attending the conference including TV stations, radio and all newspaper sports writers from Montreal and their local papers. I spoke on behalf of the WSL about what we’ve accomplished so far with the first three tournaments, and told them all that the WSL/NSA are looking forward to coming to the “Pif” to be part of one of the greatest tournaments held in softball. The outpour of support from the Canadian people was astonishing to see during this press conference. They were so organized and professional in everything they did in covering every aspect of the tournament from the beginning stages to the present. They told me if the weather stays on their side they expect this to be an enormous event with the coverage they have had on the tournament. The staff has been working non-stop to make this a spectacular event. I can tell you teams that are attending you will not regret being a part of the WSL and “The Pif” and Fox Sports. Fireworks are planned for both Friday and Saturday night that are spectacular and the bands will be entertaining under their huge tent after the fireworks.

This is not just a softball tournament, but an “EVENT”.