2002 ASA Super NIT Sanford, FL

Hague/Resmondo/Walser/Worth swept through this small but well played tournament by going 5-0 on route to the Championship. The important thing for Hague/Resmondo was to get the points for winning the tournament and some games in to get ready for their next tournament when they will get to play the Dan Smith boys. Last year Hague/Resmondo and Dan Smith had one of the most fiercest rivalries ever, with some of the players changing places, this rivalry should get even better. Hague/Resmondo was led by MVP Dal Beggs, who is bigger and stronger than he has ever been and it is definitely paying off for him. “Big” Paul Brannon led the tournament in the homerun department with five, which was a good number considering the wind was blowing in all weekend long. Wind or no wind Paul can hit it!! Todd Volkers also hit it very good as he continues to show why he’s one of the best in the game. Team Mizuno who continues play well needs to step up their hitting as they finished in second place. This is one of the better defensive teams you will see this season. They are very strong in the infield and outfield. This week the conditions were perfect for this ball club, but they just didn’t hit. Getting third place was a good B team T&R Stucco, who has played very well on the big fields and has held their own against the good A teams. This bunch will be a contender in the B Worlds this season. All Pro Collision, Midstate Mizuno and the Sea Dogs gave a good effort. It is nice to see them come out to play. I would like to say it was a pleasure to work with Tom Farnsworth, Tony Galloway and Jim Shaeffer and the entire Orlando ASA Staff who did a great job running this tournament. There should have been more good A & B teams entered in this field of teams. I know the Rose Tournament had a lot of the good A & B teams playing there, but we must work on playing on different weekends next season so that both tournaments can be a success. There is no better park to play in than this Historic Sanford Stadium, that is home to the ASA World Series. Big Time softball should always be played in places like this. This was a good tournament, surely to be better next year.