2002 Rose City Classic

Twin States/Worth went 5-0 to win “The Rose City”. Keep an eye on this bunch because they will be a solid contender to win some Class A World’s this season. With this merger between L&L Painting and Mississippi Worth came together I knew it would be a very strong team. I spoke to Bubba Tatum just after the merger and he said “Gordie don’t rank us too high, let us play together and see if we deserve to be a Top 15 team”. I can tell you they are and will be all season long. Finishing in second place was C&M/Team Ball/Worth a pretty good A team from players out of the pan handle in Florida. Third place went to Langdale, a team I’m not too familiar with, but apparently is a pretty good team. Fourth spot went to Florida Heat/Nave Plumbing/Joe Black/Worth, who manager Roger Taber told me “our team played very good for this early in the season with some of the players coming from the north. I feel we’ll just keep getting better as we play more”. WW Gay/Aubrey’s/TPS finished in the fifth spot this time and they have played fairly well this season.