2002 ISA AA Worlds

Florida Heat/Nave Plumbing/ Joe Black /Worth who I’ve said from early on in the season might win a National, well I say no more, they did it. Congratulations to Roger and the whole gang for winning this very good ISA AA World Championship. This ball club has veteran players who know how to win. Players like Brian Arnold, Butch Smith, Scott McDaniels & others who have won before. I believe when they picked up pitcher Pat Wayne this team came together and began to play some great softball. This weekend the management of Florida Heat picked up Chris Chambliss for this tournament and he paid dividends in his first tournament. Chris was playing with Suncoast/Nike before this tournament. Brian Arnold was named MVP in this one. Great job boys, watch out this team will be ready to win again. Second place went to a very good Twin States/Worth who had won the winners bracket and then lost the first game of the Championship and then the “if” game. Make no mistake this is a real good team and they will be knocking on the door every weekend they play. WW Gay/Aubrey’s/TPS who has played extremely well this last couple of months and who sent Florida Heat into the losers bracket in this one, battled back to finish in 3rd Place. Fourth Place went to another very good team New Construction who has played very good the last few weekends. Look for this ball club, they will be a contender every time out and could possibly win another national title. Chet and his ISA Staff once again put on another great ISA AA and there were a very good fields of teams entered in this one. I’m looking forward to going to the ISA Super World in S.C. and to the ISA Class A World coming up.