2005 NSA A Super World Series

The first leg of the Class A Worlds, the NSA is over, and Team Stucco/TPS was the winner. I said in earlier reports that this was the hottest team in the country, and they sure proved me right. Believe me this is one hell of a talented team. I know with the edition of JC Phelps to this roster they got just what they needed and that is a big time hitter, who not only hits for power, but can flat-out base hit it also. This ballclub has talent in all places. Their shortstop doesn’t get the recognition he should. This young man can flat-out play the game. Tim Maddox can “pick it” with the best, base hit and has stadium power, believe me. He maybe the most underrated player in the game. Ryan Robbins is the real deal, as he is a total “spark plug” whom is also a team leader. Johnny Dikes is as good as anybody. He knows how to pitch and can flat-out hit it. This is a very solid defensive team and has a potent offense. I said lookout for this bunch, and I won’t be surprised if they win a couple more. I will say this right now, the two big boys better come to play, if they have to play Stucco, I guarantee you. Congratulations to Doug, Troy, Cheese and the whole gang for a great win. Good luck the rest of the way. Second place went to Quick Roofing/Alabama Brick/Doc’s/Easton who lost early in this one, but came charging out of the loser’s bracket to get second place. This is another very talented A team who forced the “if” game against Stucco and may of ran out of gas. Like I’ve said, the Class A Worlds in all associations will be a “titanic battle”, and the first one proved to be just that. The Roofing bunch will be knocking on the door in all the Class A Worlds they play in, I guarantee you. This team has people who know how to win. Great job guys, good luck in the next one. Third place went to Watanabe/Alpine/TPS. This is a veteran talented team, who have a bunch of players who have won many times before. This team will be in the hunt in every Class A Worlds they play in. This team has been very competitive all season long and will be the rest of the way. Great job Dave and the gang in this one and good luck the rest of the way. Fourth place went to Check King/Hit n Run/Lotierzo’s/Worth, who is a lower division A team who have some very good players. Good job boys and good luck the rest of the season.

I want to commend Jim Kimmel on running this excellent NSA Class A World Tournament. Jim has been a huge part of “Big Time” softball for a long time. Jim is a very hard worker and is a very dedicated man in this great game. I don’t always agree with Jim, and I’m sure he doesn’t me either, but I respect what Jim does for the game. I said in a earlier report that I thought that this world would of been the best Class A World competition wise if Aubrey’s, Team Combat and AM Las Vegas would of played, and I believe that. I respect the rules that the NSA has and totally agree that Jim did the right thing in this one, standing by the NSA rules. I can tell you the three teams I just mentioned are caught in a trap by having these elite players on their rosters. I also believe this is how it should be. I said it before and I will say it again, there should be three elite players allowed on a team, and any other players in the country can play on these teams. No major list should be used, just the elite, that’s it. There should be one division in big time softball, and you can call it the Major Division, no A, no AA, or no Supers. I believe that if this would happen there would be about 12 very competitive teams, and that is all we need, period. There are about 36 elite players in the country. Allowing three of these players on a team and the rest of the players in the country can fill out the rosters. I believe this game would be back where it belongs. I say “cut down the NIT’s to 8 events and that way we could get the 12 very competitive teams to play in them, and then if some of the B’s, C’s or local teams entered the tournaments we would get 16-20 teams in these 8 events. Remember these are just my opinions. Once again a great job done Jim, and good luck in your AA and Super Worlds.