2005 Seattle, WA USSSA Major NIT

Team Combat/Kleuver’s/Snap On finally wins a NIT Tournament, that being the USSSA in Seattle. “The Bat Boys” struggled most of the season, but have played much better the last few weekends. This team has some very good players, but just haven’t put it all together until this weekend. I know it wasn’t from not trying, they kept adding players to the mix, and I think now they’ve got a pretty good team. The Worlds are right around the corner, and the timing couldn’t of been better. I believe they have a very good chance of winning an A World and could very well upset any of the better teams in the upcoming tournaments, we will see. Congratulations in winning this one and good luck the rest of the way. Second place went to Tacoma Dodge/Easton, a very good Class A team, who doesn’t play in a whole lot of Super NIT’s because of the costs to come east. Make no mistake this team will battle in the A Worlds, I guarantee you. They have some very good players who know how to get it done. Good luck the rest of the season. Third place went to Smith/Easton, who has competed all season long in some very good Super NIT’s. This Dan Smith sponsored B team will be a force in the Class B Worlds, that’s for sure. I believe because they’ve played better competition it will help them a whole lot in the upcoming B Worlds. Congratulations on a fine job in this one and good luck the rest of the way. Fourth place went to another very good B team, K&C/Easton/Graphics.

The B Worlds should be a very good tournament with teams like Smith, K&C and many other very good B teams competing. Good job boys and good luck in the B Worlds. I would like to say this was a very nice NIT in Seattle and commend Roger Wilson on doing a great job on running this event. I believe we need to have an NIT or two out in the west, that’s for sure. Thanks again to Jim McCarron for his great efforts on posting the scores and highlights.

The Worlds begin this coming weekend with the NSA Class A World being held in Muncie, Indiana. This should be a terrific battle with about eight very solid A teams entered. There were a couple teams who weren’t allowed to enter because of players on the elite list, that being Aubrey’s, Team Combat and AM Las Vegas who was not on the schedule to play in this one. I believe that if these three teams were entered this would of been one of the best Class A Worlds ever competition wise, but that’s another story. It’s just my opinion remember. Good luck to all the teams this weekend.