2005 NSA Super Major Columbus, OH

Bell Corp/Backman/Taylor Bros/Easton won this NSA Tournament beating a good field of teams on route to the championship. The “Bell Boys” had to beat a very good AM Las Vegas/Benfield/Reece/Shade/Belcher/Easton team. These two teams have a battle every time they play each other. Both of these teams have very good hitters and play very good defense. I believe the difference in these two is the Bell team has more experience. Helmer, Joerling, Baker, Coco and Beggs have won the big one a few times. The “Vegas Boys” also have a few boys who know how to win. I believe that the Vegas team may be a player or two short at this time. Am/Las Vegas finished second in this one, good job guys! Third place went to Watanabe/Alpine/TPS, who also has some very good players. This team has had a little up and down season so far. I believe they will give a lot of very good A teams trouble down the road. Fourth place went to Northwest Pipe/3N2/Easton, who has been battling against the good A teams all season long. This crew has a very good bunch of players, and if they play their best could give any of those teams trouble.

I want to congratulate Jim Kimmel and his NSA staff on running another great tournament in Ohio. I also want to commend Jeff Hague for getting this great field of teams in this one. Jeff has done a great job over the last few years on putting this tournament together and making it very successful. This tournament is one of the very few other than the World Tournaments that is played on baseball fields, using the longer bases. I hope Jeff will continue to run this tournament and keep it in those conditions on baseball fields.