2005 Mike Davis Memorial Tournament

Resmondo/Dan Smith/Menosse is 4-4 in 2005 after winning this Mike Davis Memorial Tournament. The “Sod and Plaster” boys are headed in the right direction, to become the team with the least amount of losses in a season since Warren Motors 92-2 record. I know it’s early and there’s a long way to go, but this is one very potent team, and with Jeff Hall out for three weeks and Hank Garris out for the season this team managed to roll through everybody this weekend. I know this wasn’t the best field of teams in this one, but there were some good ones and they run ruled every team they played. I believe the true tests will come at the Dudley and the real test will be the mighty Smoky. The Smoky will have the best field of teams entered of any NIT’s or World Tournaments of the season. We will see what happens. This was another total team effort in this win. From top to bottom this is a potent offense. I believe the best part of this team may be their defense. They may have what may be the best three defensive outfielders of all time. The Rich’s Team outfield of Hightower, Roberson and Whitehead were awfully good. Kendrick, Striebel and Rainwater are much faster than the Rich’s three. Hitting a ball past these three Resmondo boys is almost impossible. This club also has a solid infield. Led by one of the best to play shortstops Don DeDonatis Jr. He has great hands, excellent range, good arm and can flat out hit it. This kid is the best young player to come into the game in a long time. Krause plays good third base. Bryson Baker can flat out pick it in the middle. Rusty gets the job done at second, and Hall can play first base as good as anyone ever. I am sure they will get beat again this season, but don’t look for many more, I guarantee you. Second place went to Tacoma Dodge/Easton who is a pretty good A team. This bunch made it to the big dance last year and are back at Mickey Mouse World again. Congratulations to the “Dodge boys” for getting their berth. Third place goes to MVP, a B team who played very good in this one. Good job boys! Fourth place went to another B team, EAS/Pollard’s/Easton, who also played good in this one.

I want to tell you all what a great job Dan Smith has done hosting this Mike Davis Memorial Tournament over the years. Dan has put a lot of time, money and effort to make this a successful venue. Dan has sure done that, and I can also tell you that Dan has given a lot to the game and deserves all of the accolades over the years. Congratulations Dan on another great tournament and to John McKinley on running this great tournament.