2005 Ormond Beach, FL USSSA NIT

Resmondo/Dan Smith/Menosse made it 2-2 by winning this NIT in Florida. The “Sod & Plaster boys” hit lots of homeruns and plenty of base hits, playing their usual great defense running through this tournament. Aubrey’s/Resmondo/TPS gave it’s partners a very good game in this one, losing 28-25. That is as close as anybody got to this well oiled machine, as they drubbed everyone else. I believe this is going to happen a lot this season with this bunch. This is one very powerful team, and any team who plays them will have to play their very, very best to beat them. This was a total team effort on route to the championship. Aubrey’s/Resmondo/TPS is a very good A team got second in this one, and their berth to Disney World. This ball club will be near the top in most of the tourneys they play in this year. This bunch has solid defense and can base hit the hell out of it. They also have enough power to stay close with anybody. Northwest Pipe/3N2/Bud Lite/Easton got third in this one and will be very competitve in these NIT’s. I also believe this team will be very tough in the A Worlds. Fourth place went to Team Combat/Kleuver/Snap On playing their first tournament of the season, but did not play very well. This team will have to make changes if they want to play with the better teams. I know they have some very good players, but will need much more help. I’m sure they will be looking to get that help soon. Congratulations to Nate and Jason Kendrick and the USSSA staff in running this event. I heard everything went well in Ormond. I want to thank Jim MaCarron and Nate for posting all the scores and highlights for the weekend. Thank you very much.