2006 Cajun Classic

The Cajun Classic in Carencro, Louisiana was the 5th USSA Conference NIT of the season. Team Arkansas/Barnes Logging/Worth was the winner. This one was without any of the big boys this weekend. I believe this is good for the conference a few times during the season. I know it’s very hard for the lower teams to win an NIT when 5 or 6 of the better teams are entered. Team Arkansas/Barnes is a very good A team who will be a contender in the Class A Worlds, I’m sure. This is a talented team who can base hit and has enough power to keep them honest. This bunch can also play very good defense. Congratulations and good luck in your next one. Second place went to Cash Plus/Pawn, another good A team. This team can compete against the A teams and will be very competitive in their class. Good job guys and good luck the rest of the season. Third place went to K&C/Lockdown/Graphic/Easton who is a very good A team also. This bunch will be a contender in the A Worlds, I promise you. The Lockdown boys have some very good young players who can flat-out play the game. Good job boys and good luck the rest of the way.
Fourth place went to Team Worth, who haven’t played very good this season. I know this team has some very good players. They just need to come together and they’ll be alright. Great job and good luck the rest of the season.

Congratulations to the USSSA staff on another good NIT in Louisiana. I hope that next year you guys can get some of the better teams back and get this great NIT back to what it used to be. Good luck