2006 Columbus, OH NSA AA/A NIT

The NSA AA, A NIT was held in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend also. Specialty Tank/Creative Walls/K&G/Worth won this one, and now have won The Thoroughbred and the Columbus NIT back to back. I said earlier that when this bunch came together they would be a force. I know this, we will see how much these two wins will help when they set sail for the Dudley and meet up with the two big boys and a host of other very good teams. “The Tank Boys” may have another big bat in it’s lineup this weekend in Hank Garris. That’s the rumor and we will see. Good luck boys in Minnesota this coming weekend.

Watanabe/Kattus/TTP/R&A/Superior/TPS, AM Las Vegas/Benfield/Reece/Shade/Easton, Freeze Concrete/James Arnold/Easton/BW3 and Graystone were the top four teams after Specialty Tank in this round robin and single elimination NIT. Good job Jim and Jeff in running this tournament. I know you guys are giving your all in running these NSA AA, A NIT’s. Good luck the rest of the year in your NSA NIT’s and Worlds. This week’s NIT is the “Mighty Dudley”. Good luck to all the teams in this great tournament. I’m looking forward to being there to see this one.