2006 Kansas City USSSA NIT

The USSSA NIT was held in Kansas City, Kansas this past weekend. Bell Corp/Taylor/Belcher/Easton showed who’s boss in “Bigtime Softball” by drubbing Resmondo twice to win the championship. “The Chimers” base hit it, hit it for power and played great defense. I said in an earlier report that I thought Bell would be the better team on the 300′ fields and maybe they are, we will see. MVP, Brett Helmer led a vicious assault on Resmondo run ruling them in the winner’s bracket finals. Then the Bell boys didn’t let up, as they hammered the sod boys in the first game of the championship. I know this, It’s now on to the Mighty Dudley this coming weekend in Minnesota. We will then see which team is going to take the lead as the best team in 2006. Great job boys, and good luck at the Dudley.

Second place went to Resmondo/KME Softball who did not get it done in this one. I think the question is, are they good enough to win very much without Andy Purcell? We will see, with Andy or no Andy, they got out-played in this one. I know this, Bell and Resmondo better look out for Specialty Tank/Creative Walls/K&G/Worth who is coming on and will add Hank Garris to their potent offense. I believe it’s going to be a battle when Bell, Resmondo, Specialty Tank and AM/Las Vegas along with all the the other very good teams are in the same NIT. It should be very interesting.

Third place went to RTI/Worth, who played very well in this one. I have said all season, it’s sure nice to see these teams playing these bigtime NIT’s. Great job guys and good luck in your class the rest of the season. Fourth place went to TRI C Elect/Extreme Fitness, another one of those teams who got in the big tournament and played very good. I will continue to tell these B & C teams to enter these NIT’s, as it gives them experience to see what it takes to play at this level. Good job boys, and good luck the rest of the year.

This was the 7th Conference Nit of the season, with 7 more left to decide which 10 teams will get to play the first Conference Championship. I was very happy to see “Bigtime Softball” back in Kansas City this year. It was a great job done by the Kansas USSSA staff putting this one together.