2006 Texas Legends NIT

Euless, TX was the setting for the fourth USSSA NIT of 2005. Resmondo/Dan Smith/Menosse made it 3-3 by winning this tournament. Resmondo, for the second time this season had to earn it the hard way, having to win the “If” game. Bell Corp/Backman/Taylor Bros/Easton who finished second in this one, made it hard on Resmondo again. The “Bell boys” who lost the winner’s bracket final game, were able to defeat the #1 team in the first game of the championship. The “sod & plaster boys” played just good enough to get this win. This was a total team effort, as they base hit it and hit a few homeruns to stay in the #1 spot. I stated earlier that I thought that this team might have a chance to break the record for the least amount of losses since the Warren Motors team. I can tell you they will have to stop losing the first game of the championship if they want to break that record. Make no mistake softball fans, Bell Corp. is a very talented team who will give the #1 team in the country a battle every time they step on the field against each other. I believe that every once in awhile one of the A teams will give both of these Super teams a great game, and might sneak one out, but not too often.

Bell Corp. who got second in this one, will be back in the hunt next weekend at the NSA Super in Muncie, IN. To win this one the “Bell boys” will have to battle Resmondo and a host of very good A teams. This tournament will have the best field of teams entered in a tourney so far this season. They will play this one on 325′ fields, using 80′ bases for the first time this season. This is the way it should be every week. They also will be hitting a very good ball with a 16 HR and one up. This should keep the pitcher pretty safe in this one. Third place went to Barnes Logging/Worth who are a very good A team. This bunch played very well last year, and are even better this year. I will be ranking this bunch up this week, Good Job boys! Fourth place went to Quick Roofing/Pro Med/Cash Plus Pawn, a B team who played very competitive this weekend . This is a talented team, believe me, and they will get better each week.

I want to congratulate Rick and his staff for running another very good tournament in Euless, and once again thanks to Jim McCarron for posting scores and highlights. Until next week.

The Old Scout

Tournament MVP: Jeff Wallace – Resmondo/Smith/Menosse
Defensive MVP: Dal Beggs – Bell Corp/Backman/Taylor/Easton
All Tournament Team:
Jeff Hall – Resmondo/Smith/Menosse
Jason Kendrick – Resmondo/Smith/Menosse
Don De Donatis Jr. – Resmondo/Smith/Menosse
Bryson Baker – Resmondo/Smith/Menosse
Scott Brown – Bell Corp/Backman/Taylor/Easton
Brett Helmer – Bell Corp/Backman/Taylor/Easton
Albert Davis – Bell Corp/Backman/Taylor/Easton
Kirk Stafford – Barnes Logging/Worth
Greg Guess – Barnes Logging/Worth
Mike Daniels – Barnes Logging/Worth
Eric Carey – Quick Roofing/ProMed/Cash Plus Pawn
Perry Hensley – Quick Roofing/ProMed/Cash Plus Pawn