Carolina Shootout

The 3rd annual Carolina Shootout was played in Raleigh, N.C. this past weekend. Bud Light/TPS won this very good Conference NIT. I had just written last week that you better play good against this team or you would get beat. I believe the other top A teams entered in this tournament played pretty good, but Bud Light played better. I will say it again, the Class A Worlds is going to be a great tournament, I guarantee you. T&R, Jean Shoppe, Taylor Made, Bud Light, GTL, Combat/USA, Wood Law, Northwest Combat, Blitz /Watanabe and a few others will make up this year’s Class A Worlds. I can tell you it’s going to be a war. Congratulations to Bud Light/TPS on your great weekend and good luck the rest of the way.

T&R Stucco/Bass/Worth gave it a giant run, but came up a little short. This team has nothing to hang it’s head about, that’s for sure. I believe this team is the team to beat in the Class A Worlds. I know for sure they’ll be around the top when it’s over. Congratulations on your great weekend and good luck at the A Worlds.

Linedrive/Tripless finished in third place. This is another one of those pretty good teams who can compete with some of the better Class A teams. Congratulations on your weekend and good luck in the future.

Taylor Made/Mizuno is right up there with the best of the Class A teams. This bunch has been knocking on the door all season long. I believe this team will be a force in the A Worlds. They’ve got the talent. They’ve got to push a little harder. Their fourth place finish this weekend was a pretty good job with the competition the way it was. Congratulations on your weekend and good luck down the road.

Congratulations to the North Carolina USSSA staff on running a great tournament. Good luck in the future.

I know that after 20 of the 21 conference NIT’s played we have come up with the top super teams and the top Class A teams. Resmondo/Specialty Tank/Worth has been the class of the three super teams. T&R Stucco/Bass/Worth has been the best of the Class A teams. I believe it has been a very successful year for the conference. The three super teams were pretty competitive against each other. Long Haul sure proved that they could compete with Resmondo & Smith. Long Haul beat Resmondo & Smith a few times this season. I know this, what Long Haul did putting this team together proves that if you pick the right players you can compete. You also have to have the money to support it. Dan Smith who I thought had the best offensive team going into the season just did not get it done for whatever reason. I will tell you all, remember last year? Smith did not get it done during the conference play, but when it counted they stepped up and won the big one, the USSSA Worlds. I’m not sure who will win this year’s USSSA World, but maybe a surprise!