Columbus Major NIT

Resmondo/Specialty Tank/Worth rolls through this Conference NIT to capture it’s fourth straight NIT of 2008. The sod boys are on another run as their record now stands at 24-2 in 2008. Resmondo went 60-3 in 2007 to be the #1 team in the world, and are looking to repeat as the top team in 2008. Dan Smith and Long Haul were not entered in this one, but may have something to say about what Resmondo does in 2008. Resmondo is doing what it takes to win on 300′ fields and restricted homerun tournaments. The sod boys are hitting it pretty good and playing decent defense. I still think that Dan Smith will give Resmondo a run for their money before the seasons over. Resmondo run-ruled everybody this weekend. Congratulations on another win and good luck in your next one.

Line Drive Sports/SSS/PPAB/Butch’s finished in second place in this one, and is proving to be a very good team. I believe this team can compete with any of the better Class A teams in the country. Line Drive beat a very good Jean Shoppe/ Easton team. I believe this is why bigtime softball should break up the super teams and put three elite players on a roster, make the right elite list, and we would have 16 very competitive teams. I believe if this was done any one of the 16 would have a chance to win. The way it is right now the A & B teams have no chance of winning a tournament when Resmondo & Smith are entered. I will stop now writing about all that and hope the people who have the say will do something about this soon. Congratulations to Line Drive on a great NIT and good luck down the road.

Jean Shoppe/Easton finished in third place in this one. The Shoppe boys are the team to beat in Class A again this season. I believe they will have to pick it up and play better to secure that spot. Good job boys and good luck in your next one.

GTL/Creative Stucco/Worth finished in fourth place in this one. GTL started off the season looking like they would be around the top 5 most of the season, but just have not got it done yet. I believe this bunch will get it going soon and show they are one of the better Class A teams this season. Congratulations on your fourth place finish and good luck down the road.

Congratulations to the people who ran this NIT on getting all the teams there. I also would like to say thanks again to DW for his report on the tournament on my board.