Dover Firecracker Softball Classic

David Allen hit a home run with 2 outs in the bottom of the 6th inning of  the championship game to defeat Buckeye’s/Eagle Group/TPS 34 – 18 to win  the Dover 4th of July Firecracker USSSA Softball Classic.  The home run  capped a 19 run inning in which Paramount fought back to take the lead.  Paramount Builders/Worth went 6 and 0 to capture the tournament against a  very tough field.  The tournament field included 20 teams and was held at  the beautiful Schutte Park in Dover, Delaware.  Weekend temperatures  reached into the high 90’s.  Buckeye’s/Eagle Group/TPS lead the final 18 – 14 in the 5th inning.  The Buckeye’s were threatening to break open the  final when Paramount’s short stop Randy Romagna made a diving stop and fed  second baseman, David Allen to turn a spectacular double play.  Paramount’s left fielder, BJ Fulk then ended the inning with a running  over the shoulder catch at the fence to end the inning and keep the  Buckeye’s scoreless.  Paramount Builders/Worth then scored 19 runs, 15 of  those runs coming after 2 outs.  BJ Fulk had 3 home runs in the game (2 in  the final inning), Travis Matthew’s went 4 for 4 with a home run, and John  Adams, Derek Oliver, Roy Jarman, Larry White, and Randy Romagna each had 4  hits in 5 at bats.  The leading hitters for Paramount were Travis Matthews  .885, Derek Oliver .861, Roy Jarman and Larry White batting .804 each.  Derek Oliver lead the team with 15 home runs and BJ Fulk and Randy Romagna  each hit 8 home runs.

Buckeye’s/Eagle Group/TPS defeated Gas Heaven/Worth 50 – 30 and 36 – 9 to  reach the winner’s bracket final.  Paramount Builders/Worth defeated a  very tough Vigianni Plumbing 43 – 26. Paramount Builders/Worth Paramount Builders/Worth broke open the game with a 10 run seventh inning.  Travis Matthews’ 6 for 6 performance and Randy Romagna’s 3 home runs highlighted  the offense for Paramount Builders/Worth.


1. Paramount Builders/Worth (VA) 4-0
2. Buckeye/Eagle Group/Al’s/TPS (DE) 4-2
3. Gasoline Heaven/Worth (NY) 3-2
4. Vigianni Plumbing (NJ) 2-2
5. Giant Softball (NY) 2-2
5. TNT Power (VA) 2-2
7.   Taylor’s (MD) 1-2
7.   Team Hertrich (DE) 0-2
9.   DWS Outlaws (MD) 0-2
10. Brown Jug (PA) 0-2

Giant Softball 40 TNT Power 18
Buckeye/Eagle Group/Al’s/TPS 28 DWS Outlaws 8
Paramount Builders/Worth 33 Taylor’s 18
Vigianni Plumbing 29 Giant Softball 9
Buckeye/Eagle Group/Al’s/TPS 23 Team Hertrich 3
Gasoline Heaven/Worth 29 Brown Jug 12
Taylor’s 7 DWS Outlaws 0
TNT Power 7 Brown Jug 0
Giant Softball 26 Taylor’s 11
TNT Power 27 Team Hertrich 25
Paramount Builders/Worth 43 Vigianni Plumbing 26
Buckeye/Eagle Group/Al’s/TPS 50 Gasoline Heaven/Worth 30
Gasoline Heaven/Worth 34 Giant Softball 32
Paramount Builders/Worth 33 Buckeye/Eagle Group/Al’s/TPS 13
Gasoline Heaven/Worth 21 Vigianni Plumbing  6
Buckeye/Eagle Group/Al’s/TPS 36 Gasoline Heaven/Worth 9
Paramount Builders/Worth 33 Buckeye/Eagle Group/Al’s/TPS 18

This Softball Report Compliments of William Ortiz