Mike Davis Memorial

Team Combat/Benfield/Dalsanders got it altogether this weekend and won this NIT. “The Bat Boys” had to do it the hard way, by winning the “if” game. Combat was led by MVP Hank Garris, but some of the other boys had a big weekend also. I said that this team was coming together and they did just that this weekend. This team has improved so much over last year’s squad, that I believe this bunch can win again down the road, we will see. Congratulations on a great weekend and best of luck along the way.

Second place went to KME/TRIQ Nightclub/Chaney/Easton, who I believe is one of the very good A teams in the country. This team is always around the top of the field in most of the tournaments they play in. I think they will be a team to reckon with in the Class A Worlds. Congratulations on a very good tournament and good luck down the road boys.

Third place went to Regency Softball, who I don’t know much about, but they sure played well in this one. I believe this is a Class B team out of California who are a pretty good team. I know this, if they can play this well against some of the teams they played in this one, they could be very tough in the Class B Worlds. Congratulations on a great tournament and good luck down the road.

Fourth place goes to another B team LaRussa/Miles DSS Bats/Easton. I’ve seen this bunch play earlier in the season, and they are not a bad A/B type team. This bunch can be pretty competitive against some very good teams. I know you don’t want to take this team lightly, or you might get upset. Congratulations on a good weekend and hope to see you down the road.

I want to commend John McKinley on running another good Mike Davis Memorial tournament, and good luck in the future. I also want to thank Jim and John for getting the scores posted all weekend. Great job guys!