Seattle, WA NSA NIT

Budweiser/Summerlin/I-Team Travel/Master Graphics/Easton comes charging out
of the loser’s bracket and wins the title as Champions of this NIT by double
dipping Winzer/Aftershock/Easton.  Budweiser, who lost the winner’s bracket
final 10-7 and proceeded to climb back to the finals and sweep Winzer 16-14
in the “If” game to capture the Championship.  Budweiser manager Greg
Huchinson was overheard telling one of the umpires “don’t plan on resting
long after the loss to Winzer, we’re coming back through this and there will
be an “If” game and we’re going to win it”, and that’s exactly what they did.
Budweiser was led by MVP Scott King, along with All Tournament selections
Shane Dubose, Tim Cocco, Jerold Smith, Chad Sylte and Judson Jackson, along
with the other players on this very good Budweiser softball team.
Winzer/Aftershock didn’t go away easy after losing the first game of the
Championship, as they fell in the “If” game 16-14.  They were led by Cliff
Wilson, Jason Mc Crae, Ronnie James and John Meyers, but fell short in this
one.  Getting the third spot in this tournament was Red’s/J&
J/Fairweather/Worth, who had just won last weekend at the ASA in Portland,
Oregon.  Red’s is another very fine team out of the West.  They were led by
Devon Klaudt and Shane McCullough.  I would like to Congratulate Joel and
Jim on a fine job running this NSA Nit out in the great state of Washington.
It’s good to see that some of the better teams in the country go out west to
participate in this tournament.  Next year I would expect a larger turnout of
teams, especially with this tournament being played on baseball fields and a
300′ complex with 80′ bases. Once again Congratulations to Greg and his
softball team and to the rest of the participating teams who played in this
NSA Nit.  I want to thank Jim Kimmel, who went out of his way to call in the
updates to me this weekend making it possible for me to keep you all up on
this tournament.

All Tournament Team:

Red’s/J&J/Fairweather/Worth- Devon Klaudt, Shane McCullough

Winzer/Aftershock/Easton- Cliff Wilson, Jason McCrae, Ronnie James, Jon Meyers

Budweiser/Summerlin/I-Team Travel/Master Graphics/Easton- Tim Cocco, Shane
Dubose, Chad Sylte, Jerold Smith, Judson Jackson

MVP: Scott King 

from Budweiser/Summerlin/I-Team Travel/Master Graphics/Easton