Shuckers/Sports55 NIT

Aubrey’s/MIT/Phone masters/Elite Sports/Worth put it all together this past weekend by double dipping Jean Shoppe/Worth to win the second Conference NIT of the season. Aubrey’s, who last week did not play all that well showed everybody why they will be a contender to be the best Class A team in the world. This is a very solid defensive and offensive team. I believe this team will be the team to beat in the Class A Worlds this year, we will see. Aubrey’s was led by Dan Dirty Sanchez. Dirty has become one of the top pitchers in the game today. The rest of the team also contributed to this big win. Congratulations on your win and now go out and beat the people you are supposed to and you will stay at the top of the heap.

Second place went to Jean Shoppe/Worth, who also is one of the best A teams in the country. “The Shoppe Boys” had a good chance to win this one, but couldn’t get it done losing both games of the championship. Make no mistake, this is a solid team with good D and good offense. This bunch will contend every weekend and be a force in the Class A Worlds. Congratulations on a good weekend.

Third place went to another very good A team, TaylorMade/Mizuno, who I should have put in the Top 15 last week after the Kissimmee NIT. This bunch will need to catch it a little better and they can compete with the top A teams in the country. I believe this team will do well in the A Worlds. Congratulations on a great weekend.

Fourth place went to The Scene/Jolt, who I said in my first report of the year that this team would hurt somebody and they did. This is a very good team and I believe they should be playing Class A, but they are classified B. Congratulations on a tremendous weekend.

This Maryland NIT is a fine example how the A Worlds will stack up this season. I believe it’s going to be a very competitive Worlds and can’t wait to see who comes out on top. Congratulations to Bob on another great Maryland NIT. You do a great job running this event. Congratulations to the teams who participated in Maryland. I want to thank Jim for posting the scores for all the softball world to see. Jim you are the best, thanks again.