USSSA A Worlds

Mountain Top/TPS out of Michigan, had to win the “IF” game to capture the USSSA Class A World A Championship. This Mountain Top team is a very good A team and have played extremely well the last half of the season and it has sure paid off by winning this one. There is no doubt there are a lot of good softball players and teams out of the State of Michigan and has been for a long time. They have always been a contender way back in the Bunca days. This tournament had thirty six teams entered in it and anyone of fifteen could have come out the winner. Hat’s off to Mountain Top. The runner up was Wartrom/Worth team gave them all they wanted. This is another good team who has played very good at their level all year long. The Wartrom boys pushed it to the limit forcing the “IF” game but came up a little short and had to settle for second. Finishing in third place was a very good team out of Ft. Pierce, Fl. , Team Mizuno. This team has played extremely well all season and have played at all levels from A to the Supers and have competed well. A fine job for this Florida team. Getting the fourth spot is another fine A team out of Kansas, Hooters/B&B/Easton which are a very competitive A team. They have competed also at all levels this season. I have said that the class A Division has about thirty teams who can flat out play this game. Anyone can win on any given weekend. The competition is fierce at this level. Teams like Mountain Top, Team Mizuno, L&L Paint, Quick Roofing, Hooters and a host of others have played very well in some of the Super Major tournaments this season, especially on the bigger fields. All these teams need to do is compete against some of the higher levels more often on bigger fields and they will adjust and be competitive against any one of them. Take a look at K&G, L&L, Quick Roofing and some other Class A teams who have finished well in some of the Super Tournaments this season. The more they play against the Big Teams on these type of fields the more the intimidation factor will leave and they will be competitive all the time. Congratulations to Mountain Top and good luck to all the Class A teams in the coming Class A World Events.

MVP – Don Sikora(Mt. Top)
All World Team
Kourtney Thompson
John Kegley
Raith Adair
Tim Rye
Chuck Maiorana
John Rector – Mngr. of the Year
Wartrom Guys
Micky Falkenhagen
John Hall
Sean ?

Dale Roe – Best Defensive Player