WSL/NSA NIT Richmond, IN

Richmond, Indiana was the site for the third WSL tournament of the season and all three of the Super Teams were entered. There were more than the three big boys that’s for sure. Teams like Chase, K&G, Midsouth and Team AH who were making their first appearance in the WSL made it a good one by upsetting Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Easton. Strange things happen some times, not taking anything away from Team AH. The only bad thing at this tournament this weekend was the weather. It was very cold which made for a tough weekend on the players. The Long Haul boys had to battle back through the losers bracket in this one, as they had lost the winners bracket championship game to Chase/Reece/Roosters/Easton. Long Haul had to look at playing their old nemesis Hauge/Resmondo/Worth, whom they had beat early on in the tournament. Sure enough they met up with each other in the losers bracket finals and Long Haul won this one and set sail to try and double dip Chase, and that’s exactly what they did to capture the Championship. Long Haul was led by MVP Scott King and the rest of the team. Chase, who has a very good team battled all weekend long and finished second and collected the two thousand dollar travel expense prize. Chase’s third baseman, Jeff Lanning broke his wrist sliding into second base will be out for six weeks. My friends, this is a first class kid and one hell of a ball player. Get well soon big boy, your a big part of this very good ball club. Third place went to Hague/Resmondo/Worth, who will have to step it up a little in the upcoming weeks if they want to keep up with Long Haul. Make no mistake, these three teams Long Haul, Hague/Resmondo and Dan Smith will battle every time they meet, but I can tell you on these baseball fields the other teams are coming and they will win games against the big three, and the more they play on the big fields the more confidence they get that they can play with the big boys. It happened this week Team AH wins, Chase Wins. Last week K&G won against the big boy,and the competition is getting better and that is what this game is all about, leveling the playing field. I would like to say a special thank you to Allen Brady for his efforts in holding this tournament at the Richmond Roosters Stadium. I am sorry that I missed this tournament, but things didn’t work out for me.
Good luck to Al and his Richmond Rooster’s baseball team.