2005 Cajun Classic

Barnes Logging/Worth showed why they belong in the top of the rankings by winning this prestigious tournament. This my friends is a very good A team, who are getting better and better each time out. Last year this team played very well, and are right back at it again in 2005. The “Worth Boys” played very good defense, and can base hit the hell out of it. This team has enough power to keep them in most games also. Congratulations to Barnes for a great win. I will bet you it may not be their last of the year. Second place went to another good A team, Aubrey’s/Resmondo/TPS, who can also play with anybody. Make no mistake, this is the best Aubrey’s team I’ve ever seen. This team has a lot of talent, and will have a good chance of winning some A Worlds in 2005. This is also a very good hitting team and they can “pick it” with the best. Third place in this one goes to AM/Las Vegas/ Benfield/Reece/Belcher/Shade Rest./Easton who just didn’t get it done this weekend. This team has the most talent of any of the A teams. This team just seems to get in trouble against teams that they are much better than for some reason. I’m sure when it gets down to crunch time they will get it done, they are just too good a team to not. Fourth place went to a B team out of Mississippi called Sports Center/Worth. This team has some talented players who have been there before. I look for this team to be a real contender in Class B Worlds this year. I want to congratulate the Louisiana USSSA and it’s entire staff on another great Cajun Classic. I also would like to thank Jim McCarron once again for posting scores and highlights of this tournament. I want you to know it’s people like Jim who cares about this great game, and I’m truly grateful for what he does for the Old Scout and the softball world. Thanks again Jim.