2005 Thoroughbred Classic

Quick Roofing/Alabama Brick/Doc’s/Easton put it all together in this one, and won this very good A tournament. I have been rating them in the top of the heap all season, and they’ve proved they belong there this weekend. This team has some veteran players who know how to win, I guarantee you. This bunch will also be a contender to win some A Worlds. Good job boys, I hope to see you down the road soon. Second place went to another talented A team, Team Stucco/TPS. This team will knock on the door every weekend they play. They have a lot of talent. I look for this club to be a contender in all the A Worlds they play in for 2005. Third place goes to Watanbe/Alpine/TPS, who will also be in the hunt for a Class A World title this year. This team has a lot of players who know how to win. Good luck the rest of the year. Fourth place went to a team I really don’t know that much about, but they sure played very good this weekend. They must have some good players to take fourth in this very good field of A teams at the Classic. Good job guys, hope to catch you down the road. I would like to say thank you to Raymond Moscow, Jim Kimmel and Hank Bassett for posting scores and highlights. I can tell you it is greatly appreciated by me and the softball world for the job you guys do. Once again thank you. I also would like to say, as usual another great job by Eddie Ray and his entire NSA staff in running this prestigious Thoroughbred Classic.