2005 Twitty Classic

Berardi’s/TPS put it all together to win this prestigious tournament. This was a great job by a very good Berardi’s team, who have always been very competitive over the years… Good job boy! Second place went to Quick Roofing/Alabama/Brick/Doc’s/TPS, who just flat out played their butts off after losing their first game. Make no mistake, this is one hell of an A team. This bunch will be a contender to win some A worlds that’s for sure. Good job guys! Third place went to another very good A team. Jean Shoppe/Worth, who has been playing very well in the last few tournaments. I look for this team to upset some very good teams along the road this season. Fourth place goes to a team I don’t know much about and that was B&C/Miken. They must have played good to earn the fourth spot in this very good tournament. Once again, another great job by Dave on running this prestigious tournament.

I have said for two years now that the Class A division is the best it’s ever been and I believe it. Once again, another A team wins a tournament. I have said there are about ten to twelve very good A teams who can win on any given weekend, and that is what’s happening in 2005. We are down to two super teams now and about 25 A teams and that is what makes up Big Time Softball today. I can tell you it is impossible to get 10 to 15 of these A teams at these NIT’s week after week because it’s too expensive. Today you have to get B teams and in some cases C teams to make a Super tournament go. You ask why? Simple. There are to many NIT’s and not enough sponsors who can’t afford to go every week period. I said it before, and I will say it again. Cut down the numbers of NIT’s in all associations. The USSSA seems to be getting decent numbers in most of their events. The NSA has five and they will do fine. The ASA is running major tournaments about ten of them, and the problem there is there’s no major teams left. Yes, there may be a couple of teams that are a little bit better than some of the A teams, but when they play in a restricted homerun tournament against some of the other A teams they have a problem winning period. Now add eight A World’s, one Major World and Three Super World’s to the already heavy schedule of NIT’s and there is no way these teams can afford to go play in most of these tournaments. I say it’s time to sit down again with all the associations and talk about what should be done. We can save Big Time Softball if the people who run these associations think about the games and not what is best for them. The game is bigger than the associations. Remember without the sponsors and players there is no game. Let’s get it done now and not wait another year. We have some very good softball people in the country who know how to get this done. I say after the season is over let’s set up a meeting and get it done once and for all. Don DeDonotis, Chet Tyl, Eddie Ray Cantrell, Ron Rogonda and John Daniels along with all the bat manufacturers National Reps and the Class A sponsors, the two Super sponsors and myself . I believe we can make headway and get something done to save this game. I say keep the two Super teams, which I believe then the A teams still have a chance to play against the best players in the world. Believe me those A players want to play that competition once in a while. Don DeDonotis told me one time Gordie, the A World is for the A teams the Super World is for the Supers and I agree. The best A team will win the Class A World, the best Super Team will win the Super World. Maybe a Class A team will win the Super don’t forget it’s been done in the past. Just my opinion.