2006 Music City NSA NIT

The Music City NSA NIT was held last weekend in Nashville, Tenn. Jean Shoppe/Worth won this NSA Qualifier. “The Worth Boys” proved to be the best team in this one. I have said in the past that there are about 10-12 A teams who can win any given weekend. I know this, when the two big boys are not entered it will always be a battle to see who will win. That my friends is how it should be. The “Shoppe Boys” are a very good A team who will be a force when Class A Worlds comes around, I guarantee you. Congratulations and good luck the rest of the season.

Second place went to another good A team, Kirby’s/Easton. This was a very good B team last season and now are a very good A team this year. This team is very well coached and has some very talented players. Great job boys and good luck the rest of the way.

Third place went to Aubrey’s/Worth, who has played extremely well all season long, but came up short in this one. I look for this bunch to bounce back down the road. This will be a tough team come A World time, we will see. Good jobs guys and good luck.

Fourth place went to a team Twisters/Outfit whom I don’t know much about. They must of played fairly well to finish in fourth in this field of good teams. Good job fellas and hope to see you down the road.

I want to commend Jim and his NSA staff on another very good NIT, on putting together a very good field of teams for this one. I know for sure it looks like this Music City NIT will become one of the top tournaments from now on. I’m glad you guys took the initiative to take over The Twitty spot. Good luck next year.