2006 Mike Davis Memorial

The USSSA NIT Mike Davis Memorial in Concorde, California was won by Team Combat. I was told that there was not enough time to get this tournament completed. Team Combat was declared the winner, as they were undefeated. I talked to a few people and they told me that they gave Combat the top points. KC Lockdown/Graphic23/Easton and Sanchos/Easton split second and third place points. Fourth place points went to KME/Chaney’s/Body/Easton.

I know it’s tough to get some tournaments completed on time because of bad weather and other circumstances. I’m here to tell you there has to be a way to get these tournaments finished on time, so that these teams can catch their flights back home. I know this, I would like to have the money spent over the years for teams who did not get out on Sunday night because the tournament didn’t finish until 5 or 6 pm, making teams miss their flights. There’s no reason for this to happen, if planned right. I hope this does not happen the rest of the season. I said earlier that Team Combat would get it together soon, and it looks like they played much better this past weekend. I know this, Combat is much better than their record shows. KC Lockdown is a team to be reckoned with, I guarantee you. Sanchos is a very competitive team, who will be a good team in the A Worlds. KME is another one of those good A teams who will be a contender in the A Worlds. Good job by all the teams. I want to commend Dan Smith for being a top-notch supporter of this Mike Davis Memorial Tournament. Dan has been involved in this for years and I’m sure he will continue to be. There are a lot of good softball teams out on the west coast who can play the game, and thank God Dan and John McKinley take the time and give it there all to run this excellent California tournament.