USSSA NIT CARY, NC was the setting for this conference tournament. Bell Corp/Belcher/TIA/Backman finally put it all together in this one to win it’s first conference NIT in 2007. “The Chimers” got good hitting and played good defense on route to the championship. “The Bell Boys” only had one close game winning a game by one run early in the NIT. Bell Corp pretty much dominated the rest of the way. Bell was led by MVP Bobby Hughes and the rest of the gang did their job. I know this, it is a much better team than it has been early in the season. I believe this win might get this bunch heading in the right direction. Congratulations on your win and good luck in your next one.

Second place went to Jean Shoppe/Tanel/Worth, who is just playing great right now. I know that when this bunch is entered in a tournament they have a good chance to win. I’m here to tell you this is a very good A team who will be very hard to beat in the Class A Worlds. Congratulations on another very great weekend, and keep up the good play.

Third place in this one went to Team Combat/Benfield/Reece/Dalsanders, who are playing much better than last year’s addition. This bunch will put it all together soon and you better be ready to play or you will get beat. This team has some great talent and will be reckoned with down the road. Congratulations on a good weekend, and good luck in the future.

Fourth place goes to Laser Vision/Easton, another one of those A/B teams who is caught in between. This bunch is very competitive against the lower A teams, but find it much harder against the upper A teams. I do know this, you cannot take this team lightly or you will get beat. This ball club has gotten much better with the addition of three players they have picked up. Great job and good luck down the road.

I sure was glad to see Bigtime Softball back in North Carolina. This is a great place to play. I think if it wasn’t on the same weekend as the Thoroughbred they would of had more teams. Congratulations on a good job running this tournament.