Milwaukee USSSA Major NIT

Extreme Fitness/Combat wins this Milwaukee USSSA NIT. The boys from Arkansas put it all together to win this one. Extreme has some very experienced players who have been around. I ranked this bunch up fairly high early in the season, but some of the players left and they did not play very well since then.. This team has added some more players and now has become a much better team. Extreme was led by MVP, veteran Wade Casey and the rest of the Extreme team on route to the first conference title. Scott Nichols has done a good job getting this team to where it is today. Congratulations to Scott and the whole gang on winning this tournament. Good luck the rest of the way.

Second place went to Laser Vision/Easton. I’m here to tell you this team has definitely got a whole lot better since they added Jeff Ott, Paul Brannon and John Mello. This team, with these additions has become a legitimate Class A team who will be a force in the Class A Worlds, I guarantee. This bunch has very good defense, can base hit it, and has enough power to keep them honest. I look for this team to continue to get better. Congratulations on a great weekend.

Third place went to Steve’s Dry Wall, who is a pretty good Class A softball team. This team is loaded with veteran players who have won a whole bunch of world championships. I will tell you all, if you don’t play your best against this team they will bite you. This bunch does not get to play the bigger teams very often, but when they do they play very well. Good luck boys and congratulations on a great weekend.

Fourth place goes to Meyer Logistics/TAI/Elite, who is another one of those lower Class A teams who can compete against the better A teams. This bunch played extremely well in this one, that’s for sure. Congratulations on a great weekend boys, and good luck the rest of the way.

I would like to say, just another good Milwaukee USSSA tournament, as usual. I heard the fields were not very good, but I’m sure Pudge will make sure they get a better place to play next year.