The McQuade

I made the trek out to beautiful Bismarck, North Dakota again this year, and it was once again the greatest spectacular softball tournament I have ever been to. This year there were 420 teams entered, not bad for the price of gas or the price of a plane ticket. The Long Haul Bombers put on a fabulous show Friday night. Representing Demarini was Larry Carter, who started out the show with 10-15. The local boy who hit in this one was Chris Hutchinson was 9-15. Representing Miken was Kenny Briggs who came to bat needing 11 to win. Kenny hit some monster shots well over the 400′ and ended up hitting 14-15 for the win. This was one of the great shows put on by the Long Haul Bombers ever. The crowd, which was about 10,000 people packed around the main diamond got to see some of the longest balls ever hit in the homerun derbys. It sure was a great and exciting Friday night at the McQuade. I want to tell you all Class B, C, D, Rec., Women’s and seniors played in this tournament. I also will tell you, if you haven’t been to the McQuade before it is worth the cost to go to Bismarck and be a part of the biggest softball tournament in the world. I know this, what makes this a great event is what the McQuade does with the money. They help out people who are in need of help in and around Bismarck and North Dakota. That my friends is why the McQuade is the best and the teams keep coming every year. They are in the stages of planning to build a new ten field complex in Bismarck to be able to take the 60 teams they had to turn down this year because they didn’t have room, maybe next year.

I want to thank Mike and his whole McQuade staff on another great year. I hope to see you next year.