Pov’s/Walser Chev/Reebok/TPS

First of all beginning with Pov’s, this should be one of the best AA teams in the country this season. They have without a doubt some of the best players out there this season. As I look at this team they have some veteran players who can flat out play this game, led by one of the Big Time players in the country Todd Volkers, along with veteran players Richie Alioti and Doug Berfeidt, who will be the leaders of this ball club. Then you can add some great young talent in the likes of big Wes Cambell, Alex Laverico, Bryson Baker, Chaun Demars and some other talented players will make this team a contender all season long. I think if this team gets it together and plays hard they have a good chance to capture some AA Championships and will most certainly make it into any of the Super Worlds they choose to qualify in. I want to wish this team good luck in the 2001 season. See you down the road.