WSL North American Championships

I want to tell you all what a great weekend of softball. The teams played some great ball. The competition was furious in all Divisions A, B, C, D, E & Women’s. The A Division was played on 325′ all the way around with 80′ bases. I can tell you with these conditions it made for a great and very competitive tournament. This is how softball should be played.
Jean Shoppe/Worth won this one. Blue Martini was 2nd, and by the way they had two of softball’s super stars Wallace & Purcell. Third place went to Long Haul/Miken. Kirby’s/Easton who had two more super stars of softball, Brett Helmer and Scott Kirby didn’t fare too well. Congratulations to all the teams that played in the WSL North American Championship Class A.

The Class B was also a great tourney played on the big fields, which also made this a very competitive tournament. SportsCenter out of Mississippi won this one. Bubba Tatum and his boys went undefeated in this 20 team very competitive B Division. Congratulations to Bubba and his team on a great win. Second place went to The Scene out of New York, who also played extremely well to get the runner-up spot in this very good B tournament. The Championship game was a war, but “The Scene Boys” ran out of gas at the end. Make no mistake there were 20 teams in this Class B Worlds, and I believe anyone of 10 could of won it. It doesn’t get any better than this playing in these conditions, I guarantee you.

Bone Crushers won the Class C in another great and very competitive tournament. Congratulations to Bone Crushers on winning and to all the other very competitive C teams who participated. In the Class D Division Easton Properties went undefeated in this 74 team D Division. This my friends was another very competitive D tournament. Congratulations to Easton Properties on winning this huge tournament and congratulations to all the other teams who participated in this Class D Worlds.

I want to congratulate all the teams in all Divisions who participated in the 2006 WSL North American Championship. Great job and well done. Congratulations to John Daniels and his WSL staff on a fabulous tournament. The cash and prizes given out in this event are totally amazing. I hope the teams enjoy spending their money and getting their prizes as much as the WSL enjoys giving it out. I know this, there were some mistakes made like any other big tournament, but I guarantee you this John Daniels and the WSL will continue to work harder and make 2007 bigger and better than ever.